What is Washseat®?

Washseat® is wonderfully simple. It is a raised seat bidet which is totally portable, fits on any toilet and needs no plumbing or wiring. It works in a way that is safe and delivers a very satisfactory warm water bidet wash experience to the user whilst seated on the toilet.

A warm water bidet spray whilst you are seated on the toilet is the nicest way to get clean. We are all using far more toilet paper than we would if we could wash our bottom first. Also many people persist in using dreadful damaging wet wipes because they just don’t feel dry wiping gets them clean.

Washseat is a low cost, simple portable warm water bidet wash device. It was created to help those with disabilities and frailty issues and it really does. However, there are real benefits for everyone, and for our planet Earth, if we all adopt the warm water personal hygiene habit that Washseat offers.

better hygiene……saving money…..helping the environment

The Washseat concept has the potential to make a huge contribution to reducing our carbon footprint and deforestation.

It saves on toilet paper and eliminates the desire or need to use dreadful wet wipes. Washseat can save your household money, cutting by more than half the use of toilet paper and will be a hugely important step towards saving billions of trees, reducing water consumption needed for sewerage systems and ending the scourge of wet wipes damage.

A warm water bidet spray whilst you are seated on the toilet is the only way to get nicely clean without having to get in the shower after using the loo.

People with dexterity issues who find it quite hard to deal with wiping their own bottom, will find an effective warm water wash is a godsend. Those who need actual help doing that task will find they can actually manage themselves once again because the cleaning is so effortless yet effective.

Many people have issues with sensitivity and soreness when wiping themselves clean after going to the toilet. Haemorrhoids can be painful to touch and any skin conditions hurt when they have to be cleaned by dry wiping. Washseat delivers a gentle stream of warm water washing at the touch of a button and with an added drop of emollient in the water it is infinitely kinder and more cleansing.

Some people have to use water for personal hygiene for cultural reasons. Medical conditions such as Anal Fissure, rectal Prolapse Anal Fistula, Anal Itching, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Ostomy, IBD, Pruritis Ani, all require the gentle treatment that warm water washing allows.

For those of you who would like to enjoy the benefits of Washseat but do not use a raised seat, although the raised position of the special toilet seat is a little higher than is desirable, as soon as you introduce a simple footstool into the picture, your toilet position is more natural and you too can immediately enjoy the improved hygiene experience.

Washseat adaptations are available for slide transfer toilet frames, child toilet seats, bariatric toilet seats, raised seats etc and the unique portability of Washseat makes it low cost and easy to fit and use without needing any expertise to install or get started.

Multi Use Reservoir

In response to requests from care professionals, we are pleased to announce the availability of a multiple use reservoir for those situations where a carer calls perhaps twice a day, but is not always available for every visit to the toilet.

The multi use reservoir will hold enough water for up to 5 visits to the loo.
The warm water in a larger reservoir will cool down over time but it will not fall below room temperature and will still deliver a comfortable wash.

Washseat is created in the workshops of Better Hygiene Ltd in rural Cambridgeshire.

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