Washseat is a new concept in personal hygiene care for the millions of elderly and disabled people who have to use a raised seat in order to be able to use the toilet. It safely delivers a gentle but effective warm water bidet wash to the user whilst still sitting on the toilet

 Very low cost

 Totally portable

 Needs no plumbing

 Fits to any toilet in seconds

2019 Design Council Award Winner 

In addition to those who need to use a raised seat, many other people need to wash their bottom rather than dry wipe or use dreadful wet wipes. Washseat will help anyone who struggles to wipe themselves and needs help or for people who have anxieties around not getting clean enough. For some people, religious or cultural habits require a water cleaning method.

Better Hygiene Ltd create devices to help people who struggle with getting themselves clean after going to the toilet. No one likes to have to ask for help with this task, it can be very embarassing and undignified.

 We devised the award winning Dignity Commode and later, The Aquarius Bidet for The Thalidomide Trust. They are acclaimed bathroom aids in relation to personal hygiene care.

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Deborah Meaden presents 2019 Design Council Award to “The Wonderful Washseat”

What is Washseat®?

Washseat® is wonderfully simple. It is a raised seat bidet which is totally portable, fits on any toilet and needs no plumbing or wiring. It works in a way that is safe and delivers a very satisfactory warm water bidet wash experience to the user whilst seated on the toilet.

How does Washseat® work?

A tunnel is drilled through the sides of a 4 inch raised seat.

A washwand with push on/off button is pushed through the tunnel when it is needed so the water outlet nozzles are under the user’s bottom.
It is pulled back after use so the nozzles rest inside the tunnel when not being used.
When the button is pressed warm water from the reservoir is pumped through the washwand to gently but thoroughly wash the user clean. You can easily move the water spray around a little to direct the cleaning as required. After washing, a simple dab with a toilet paper pad gets you dry.

The reservoir and battery powered pump sit at the side of the loo. A charger is supplied and the rechargeable battery will need recharging every couple of weeks or so, depending on usage. It is very simple indeed and the battery recharges overnight.

Pour the warm water in when you want it using the filler jug and the taps in the hand wash basin.

For members of the household who do not need a raised seat, a footstool normalises the sitting position.

This is also a great help for the many people who need a warm water bidet but do not usually have a raised seat

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Why Choose Washseat®?

Care of the elderly is an important issue. For many old people, having to leave their home and go into a care situation may be inevitable, but anything that can help put off that decision can save the family budget or the social care budget a huge amount of money.

With a bit of thought around a simple issue, Better Hygiene Ltd has created a very simple and low cost way to enable a warm water bidet wash for everyone who has to use a raised seat to get on and off the toilet. That one small thing can make a huge difference to someone every day.

Washseat® is portable and needs no plumber or wiring or fitting skills

It comes into the house and fits on any loo in a few seconds just like a normal raised seat

Washseat® is simple to operate

Even those who really struggle to clean themselves will manage to do so for a good deal longer and be much happier with the outcome in terms of getting nicely clean

Choose how warm the water is and add emollient or medication to the water

You can control the direction of the strong but gentle shower, and you can stop it as soon as you feel clean enough

Washseat is created in the workshops of Better Hygiene Ltd in rural Cambridgeshire.

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